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A new point-of-sale system coming out of Green Bay aims to change the game for small and mobile retailers, using nothing but a smartphone.- Milwaukee Business Times, June 2021 feature article


StickerPrice is designed to help the little guys. 


Micro businesses are left out of the majority of tech innovations. And the systems aimed at smaller businesses can be cost-prohibitive for side hustlers and hobbyists. 


We wanted to help. 


We walked into local businesses and saw time-consuming inventory and point-of-sale systems. We observed owners using carbon copy receipts and spending their weekends doing manual data entry. Some knew they had a problem and others didn’t even know there could be a better way. 


But NO ONE was giving these people the tools that they needed. 


So we developed StickerPrice. We created a simple yet robust app to prevent headaches and keep your customers coming back. We knew we were onto something when TitleTown Tech invested in us - and now we’re ready to get this app into the hands of everyone who needs it.



Jeff Minzlaff.jpg



It all started with a rummage sale. 


As my wife and I scrambled to manually ring up dozens of items for a long line of customers, I thought to myself, “there has to be an easier and better way.” 


That's when I stopped scratching my head and got to thinking . . . StickerPrice.

I’m motivated by the creative process. I love problem solving to bring an idea to life using the creative process. And you know what? Sometimes the simplest answers are the best solutions.

Stay curious, courageous and committed.

Garrett Moody.jpg



When Jeff came to me with this concept, it clicked immediately. We had been tossing other ideas around but nothing was really sticking - until StickerPrice. Pun intended.


As one of the team’s developers, I help make complex systems run smoothly. Developing the logic of this app has been the most challenging and rewarding project of my career. 

Emily Richmond.jpg



When StickerPrice was first explained to me it just made sense. I instantly knew so many people whose business’ this would help streamline.

I love that I get to be a part of the design and development process to help build a seamless experience for users. Working on StickerPrice has allowed me to extend my knowledge on cutting edge frameworks. I am constantly inspired by the team’s drive to make StickerPrice the best it can be so that we can help other businesses succeed.

Ben Malone.jpg



When I first heard the pitch for StickerPrice, I was immediately impressed. It was easy to see the passion and vision of the team, and I was excited to be a part of it.


I really enjoy the challenge of developing an app for a new audience and all the creative problem solving that comes with it. It’s great to know that what we are doing is going to help a lot of people kickstart their new business ideas.

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